Miss Germany 2022
Miss Germany 2022
Miss Germany 2022
Miss Germany 2022

Among the eleven finalists is 22-year-old Sophie Breuer from Lohr. In the beginning there were 12,000 applicants, now the Lohrerin can even get the title. Women between the ages of 18 and 39 could apply.

The jury will decide this Saturday evening who can wear the title Miss Germany 2022. Members are: Frauke Ludowig, Uwe Ochenknecht, Karo Kauer, Hardy Krüger jr., Aline Focken, Paola and Jil Andert from the Miss Germany Cooperation. The jury decides according to three criteria: ability to inspire, potential for development and professionalism.

Shortly after the start of the election gala, the eleven finalists introduced themselves and described their message. Everyone wore the same outfit: black jumpsuits and white blazers. Sophie was the last in the group and said confidently: “I openly address the issues of the younger generation.”

Wide round of introductions: The candidates show up in evening outfits. There are interview clips and a short talk with moderator Nicolas Puschmann on stage.
In this round, Sophie quoted her father. Sophie: “He always said, Sophie, success is what has happened.”
Sophie also gave an outlook on what she would like to do: Namely stepping out of Instagram as an influencer into the real world and giving coaching for the younger generation, for example directly at schools.

The groundbreaking sentence of the evening for the election also came from Nicolas Puschmann: “Who moves the sash,” he said at the beginning of the evening, meaning Miss Germany’s farewell to the pure beauty contest to an election of an authentic woman in 2022, the visions for society has.

The third and last round of the election – now the candidates can hold their closing speech. They changed outfits again.

The community can also vote. Each jury member counts as one vote. Community voting also counts as one vote.
Voting is open until 10 p.m.


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