Taysom Hill's name origin, explained: How the Saints QB got his unique first name


Likelihood is that if you already know somebody named Taysom, you are accustomed to Saints quarterback Taysom Hill. His first identify is extraordinarily distinctive and was not often heard earlier than his faculty soccer profession started at BYU.

However since that day practically a decade in the past, there was a spike within the child identify “Taysom.” It was as soon as ranked because the 7,839th hottest identify in the US. Now, it’s coming near cracking the highest 1,000.

That’s thanks largely to Hill. His efficiency as a stable faculty quarterback and a do-it-all weapon for the Saints has undoubtedly led to the rise within the identify’s reputation, and he has been informed that he’s the namesake over a number of kids.

“It’s an honor that somebody would look as much as you in a manner the place they might do this,” Hill informed NOLA.com.

However the place did the identify first come from? And what does it imply? Here is how Taysom Hill’s distinctive identify got here to be.

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From the place did Taysom Hill get his identify?

Taysom Hill’s mom, Natalie, informed NOLA.com that there is “not a fantastic story” behind Taysom’s identify. As she defined, she bought it from the identify of a now-defunct Taysom Development firm that was native to their hometown of Pocatello, Idaho.

“We simply heard that loads,” Hill stated, per NOLA.com. “It was completely different and there wasn’t anyone else named that.”

Why was “Taysom” the identify of that firm? Apparently, it was the final identify of the corporate’s founders, however the Hills preferred it sufficient to decide on it as their son’s identify.

The identify match the objective the Hills had in selecting their son’s identify, as NOLA.com defined.

[Natalie] and her husband, Doug, needed an unusual identify with two syllables for his or her son as a result of Hill is such a brief and customary final identify.

Taysom was actually distinctive. In truth, the identify was exceedingly unusual till Hill stepped onto the scene at BYU. Then, its reputation started to rise.

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How standard is the identify Taysom?

The identify Taysom at the moment ranks because the 1,433rd hottest identify, per BabyCenter.com. Which will appear low, however contemplating that it ranked 7,839th simply 9 years in the past, the identify has had a precipitous rise.

It is also notable how a lot Hill’s profession has impacted the identify’s reputation. He performed sparingly at BYU in 2012 after which emerged as a starter in 2013. That is when the identify’s reputation took off. It waned a bit from 2016 by 2018, as he completed his faculty profession in ’16 and dipped out of the highlight. 

The identify caught steam once more in 2019 as he emerged as a flexible weapon for the Saints. Its rise has continued as he established himself as an NFL function participant and battled Jameis Winston for the Saints’ beginning quarterback job in wake of Drew Brees’ retirement.

12 months Reputation Rank
2012 7,839
2013 4,112
2014 3,396
2015 2,870
2016 4,233
2017 4,248
2018 4,973
2019 3,757
2020 1,949
2021 1,433

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What does the identify Taysom imply?

In response to MeaningOfTheName.com, the identify Taysom means both “firebrand” or “a bit of burning wooden.”

Mother.com confirms that Taysom means “firebrand,” and that it comes from the English surname of “Tyson.”



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